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Global biodiversity is in major danger, both in the plant and animal kingdoms. Bees are an essential link because they are the main pollinators. If the bees disappear, the quality of reproduction of many plants will be even more threatened. Today, bees are threatened by pollution, pesticides and chemicals used in our intensive agricultural practices and by a very specific animal called the Varroa. Overall, these threats are responsible for what is known as colony collapse disorder.

We have to choose our battles. We make ciders among others. We need apple trees. We need bees to pollinate flowers. Everyone needs it.

So we decided to support research into the best way to help bees and hives resist. This year, the focus will be on the fight against Varroa.


Interested to know more and/or contribute as a partner? We are working on this to open up the initiative to third party. Let us know you interest by sending us a message.

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